Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Giorgio Bandiera

"I must say that one of his most valuable assets is his patience. He’s extremely patient. He wants the best for his clients. He’ll do everything and anything in his power to make sure it gets done to the satisfaction of his clients." - Bandiera Jewellers, Yorkville

By: George Gasiecki

"He has a particularly good knowledge of the neighbourhood. He knows everything that’s going on and in my case what interests me is the rental rates and pricing of real estate. So I think he’s very, very knowledgeable on the neighbourhood." - Yorkville Landlord

By: Suzanna Gasparetto

"When it came time for closing, he was again very available, very easy to communicate with both with me and with the other lawyers involved and with the property owner of the location." Yorkville Lawyer, as a Client.

By: Jean Val Lacasse-Demers

"He was really instrumental to us in finding a new place. I have known him two years or so now." - Re: Yorkville condo

By: Russielle Lantin

"Paul is very professional, very calm and very complete in everything that he does. He doesn’t leave anything undone." - Yorkville condo owner

By: Caroline & Augustine

"He was quite patient, very honest in his opinion. If we look at a condo and there is something bothering [him], he would just be open and talk about it" - Condo buyers

By: Karen Wong

"He’s just such an honest, friendly and wonderful person. Even after I got into the place, if I got a little problem here and there, every time I called Paul back, he would just come here and help me find out what can he do for me." - Business Owner and Condo Buyer, Yorkville